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Welcome to Breugem Horticulture

At our premises in Bleiswijk we grow the tastiest loose round tomatoes. We meet the highest standards for sustainability, food safety and quality. To this, we add some of our passion. Which is why our tomatoes taste so good!

With care

Breugem Horticulture’s roots go all the way back to 1960. Much has changed since then, including cultivation, innovation and production. Yet one thing remains unaltered: Breugem Horticulture is still a true family business that genuinely cares about its staff, society and the climate.

Quality in colour, shape and taste

We grow the Mediax variety, a high-yield quality tomato for loose harvest. Our sales are effected in collaboration with the growers’ association Oxin Growers. We like to keep a close relationship with our customers.

Looking for a challenging job?

Breugem Horticulture is regularly looking for new employees.

Quality is our top priority

You have high expectations with regards to food, and rightfully so. Breugem Horticulture uses organic farming wherever possible. What’s more, our company is compliant with various certifications, such as GLOBAL G.A.P.

Kwaliteitscontrole bij Breugem Horticulture
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