Quality and certification

You have high expectations with regards to food, and rightfully so. Both consumers and traders/retailers wish to be sure that tomatoes for instance are grown sustainably and fairly and that the highest quality standards are met. That is why Breugem Horticulture uses organic farming whenever possible, takes good care of its staff and meets the requirements of various certifications, including GLOBALG.A.P and TESCO Nurture Gold.

Certification in accordance with GLOBALG.A.P.

Quality is not just about pest and disease control but also about food safety. GLOBALG.A.P. is the global certification for agricultural production with uniform cultivation rules. Supermarkets for instance demand from their suppliers that they meet these rules. You can verify Breugem Horticulture’s GLOBALG.A.P. certification online (search for NL GLN number: 8713783959466).

TESCO Nurture is an integrated farm management system developed by supermarket chain Tesco. TESCO Nurture places requirements on the use of plant protection products (pesticides) and fertilizers; prevention of pollution; protection of human health; use of energy, water and other natural resources; recycling and reuse of materials and protection of the countryside and its animals.

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