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Breugem Horticulture is a true family business. The third and fourth generation are now in charge: Dirk and Sebastiaan. Dedicated growers with a love for entrepreneurship, sustainable working ánd tomatoes.

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More than 60 years!

The Breugem family is a family of growers. As early as 1920 the first crops were cultivated on a professional scale. The start of Breugem Horticulture was in 1960 in the hamlet of Kruisweg. Since 2001 the business has been located in Bleiswijk, counting 6 acres of greenhouses. In these greenhouses Dirk and Sebastiaan Breugem and their staff grow delicious, round, loose tomatoes, starting in spring.

Drone video

Watch the video of our greenhouses made by our supplier LetsGrow.com in 2017.


We believe growing is precision work. Everything needs to be exactly right, down to the last dot and comma, such as cultivation, cultivation climate and internal organization. That is what makes Breugem Horticulture a modern, future-proof nursery at the heart of Dutch horticulture. As such, Breugem Horticulture is acknowledged amongst buyers as a reliable supplier of loose round quality tomatoes.

Together we achieve more

Collaboration is in our genes. This shows in the energy cluster that we form in co-operation with two other growers. Together we realize an optimally efficient use of geothermal energy. In sales we like to co-operate as well: with nearly 200 other growers we are collective members of the co-operative growers’ association Oxin Growers. We work together with our buyers in the fields of packaging and product innovation. Last but not least, the selection of our tomato seeds is done in co-operation with our buyers and the seed breeder.

Innovative industry

Dutch horticulture is world-famous. Its innovative character in particular is widely admired. Our industry sets an inspirational example for entrepreneurs, research institutes and governments from all corners of the world.

Breugem Horticulture is proud to be part of this industry. Just like many of our colleagues we are constantly on the lookout for new innovations and continuous improvement.

Watch the documentary by Bloomberg about Dutch food production.

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