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What does the customer want? This is one of the most important questions for any entrepreneur these days. This includes features such as taste, quality, size and packaging. To know this, it is important to have a short supply chain. In other words: direct contact between grower and buyer. Therefore, Breugem Horticulture has short lines with traders and retailers. That is why you find our tomatoes in the Netherlands, UK, Germany and Scandinavia.

The chain from seed to consumption


The seeds for our tomato plants are developed by seed breeders. Using state of the art technology these high-tech businesses develop new improved tomato varieties, which are even tastier, healthier and safer. Development is often done in co-operation with growers and retailers and with input from consumer groups. It goes without saying that the seeds we used are non-GMO.

Did you know that the tomato plant originated in Latin America? When the plants were first taken to Europe in the 16th century by explorers, they were initially used as ornamental plants. Our current varieties still contain DNA from these ‘primitive’ tomatoes.


The sowing and cultivation of our tomato plants takes place at a nursery farm. These have all the expertise to turn a seed into a strong and healthy tomato plant. After about 8 weeks the tomato plants are strong enough to be shipped to our own greenhouses.

Did you know that we exclusively use grafted tomato plants? Grafting is an ancient technique that brings the roots and the stem with shoot of two plants together to produce a stronger and more disease-resistant plant.


Breugem Horticulture specializes in cultivating tomatoes, click for more information. The young tomato plants are planted in the greenhouse in December. As our greenhouses are heated and we know exactly what the plants need, they continue to grow at a rapid speed even through winter. As of March, the first tomatoes can be harvested. The last tomato crops are harvested in October and after this the greenhouses are thoroughly sanitized and prepared for new crops.

Did you know that a tomato plant can grow as tall as 15 metres within a time span of 11 months and that the cultivation of 1 kilogram of tomatoes requires only 4 litres of water?


Breugem Horticulture’s commercial activities are carried out within the framework of the GMO acknowledged growers’ association Oxin Growers. Together with our trade partner we aim for transparent short lines and a high service level for end consumers.

Did you know that our tomatoes are i.a. sold in Scandinavia, Germany and the UK?


Packaging of our tomatoes is done at our own premises. After the harvest the tomatoes are automatically sorted by colour and size and packed. The boxes we use are produced on-site. The prints and type of box as well as the type of transport pallets depend on customer demands.

Quality monitoring is key at Breugem Horticulture. That is why every box contains beautiful, tasty and healthy tomatoes.

Did you know that the boxes we use are made of recycled cardboard?


Breugem Horticulture specializes in order picking and processing and has cold storage facilities with loading platforms. Thus, our tomatoes can be loaded directly from site and shipped to the desired location.

Did you know that an articulated lorry can carry almost 4,000 boxes of tomatoes?


From our premises in Bleiswijk our tomatoes are transported to central locations of our end consumers. Often our tomatoes are on the shelves of supermarkets, wholesalers or restaurant suppliers within 2 days. In addition, our tomatoes are used by various ‘foodservice’ companies making sandwiches and salads.”

Did you know that the round tomato is considered to be the classic common tomato? These tomatoes are wonderfully versatile and can be used in salads, sandwiches and for (stir)frying.

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Ons bedrijf is aangesloten bij de GMO erkende telerscoöperatie Oxin Growers U.A. De verkoop vindt plaats door Oxin Growers. Oxin Growers maakt de afspraken tussen de kopers en telers. Voor meer informatie kunt u contact opnemen met Oxin Growers U.A.(

Oxin Growers is één van de grootste telerscoöperaties van Nederland. Dagelijks zetten 260 leden zich in om smaakvolle groenten en fruit van topkwaliteit te leveren. Ons gevarieerde assortiment bestaat uit stevige vollegrondsgroenten, rijke glasgroenten, sappig hardfruit en verfijnd zachtfruit.

Voor huisverkoop rechtstreeks aan de consument hebben wij een ontheffing.

Tomaten op een transportband worden automatisch gesorteerd
Sorteer- en inpakmachine voor tomaten bij Breugem Horticulture
Pallets met tomaten klaar voor verzending
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